Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cala Qisya

Assalamualaikum ladies and gentlemen,

after so many sweats we produced, troubles we endured, money we spent and lots more hard times, my sisters and i finally worked on our new blogshop.

from OSGS (Oh Saya Gila Shawl) of facebook, we finally developed to a blogshop. we sell a lot of clothes that we hope will match your level of fashion sense. from head wear to blouses to cardigans to pants to skirts and lots more InshaAllah.

we are going to launch the collection tomorrow morning at 10. so stay in front of your screen and don't blink! :D

we really hope that we are going to have your full support. thank you so much for shopping with us. :)



DOVE... said...

cala qisya..!
kiut je nama!

farah said...

usahawan usahawan berjaya ~

me aishi said...

batwing cardi is so cute^^

Anonymous said...

hi sis :)
camane nak pakai shawl mcm sis pakai kat dlm pic tu?
boleh buat tutorial tak?

lisa said...

nice pose ^^

+whuttadilly? said...

macam mane nak pronounce 'Cala Qisya' ni..?

Aqilah said...

nicee :D

Laluna_Semalaman said...

cuteee and style lorr dear ! :)

sue. said...

lama tak nampak u update entri dear...u bz skrg ng bisnes kan...erm..


love your skirt! :)

oh farah said...

thank you so much everyone! and yup, i'm not that busy tapi malas je. haha.
here's the tutorial